Art and Gloria's family believes it would honor them best if we offered to you this simple explanation of what was most important to them and what supplies our hope and comfort today. And that is that these two special people are in heaven today. The only way we know that is because they had come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and they lived lives that proved it.

Art and Gloria's sudden death has reminded us that we do not have the assurance of tomorrow on earth. But we can live every moment and die at any moment in the peaceful assurance of an eternity with God.

God has been seeking us in order to love us, but the wrong things we do and the harm done to us separate us from God's love. And this kind of life outside of a relationship with God always has an emptiness to it. Jesus died sacrificially to close this gap. When we admit our need for being restored to God, He forgives us and fills us with His Spirit for living a new life. All this is a gift, which we receive by faith.

It is true that you don't really begin to live until you are ready to die. Only because of the gift of life we have in the Cross does our family have complete peace about Art and Gloria now and the anticipation of one day seeing them again in heaven. That is a promise we hold to today and are eager to share.

In Christ's love,
Roger and Naomi Muselman
David and Karen Thomas